New Style Entertainment, Inc.

On May 9, 2014...we had helped Troy raise $2,788. 
Goal accomplished!

Troy Edwards was in dire need of funding towards a much needed Kidney Transplant.

Around February of 2014, Troy contacted us after undergoing grueling weekly dialysis treatment

We reached out to Troy to see if there was anything that we could do to help. Troy informed us that he needed about $2,700 towards a kidney Transplant.

We agreed to donate and conduct fundraising events on Troy's behalf.

Elite Marching Band


Chelsea Edwards

PPP Advisory Board

Kidney Transplant For Troy Edwards

Gregory Hudson's JHS 231 Jr. Knicks 

The NSE Foundation for Arts & Humanities

Troy Edwards

Christopher March

NSE Foundation for the Arts & Humanities (Coming in 2018) is a non-profit organization committed to, but not limited to, supporting Independent Artists, small film, tv, public school students, low income neighborhoods, and theatrical production companies.

NSE will provide grants and other resources to Independent Artists/Independent Production Companies that are engaged in creating and or producing "original" works of art for the general public that is either "free of charge or affordable for the average person."

NSE places special emphasis on artists from the borough of Queens, New York, especially South Jamaica.

NSE will also provide, but not limited to, scholarships, summer jobs/during & after school jobs, and youth programs (including sports and academic support) for public school students from low income neighborhood.

NSE will support humanitarian causes and families hit by unexpected loss, disasters, or tragedies.

To fund these projects, in addition to accepting donations, NSE will have various fundraisers including: performances, talent shows, golf tournaments, dinners, and bus outings.

While NSE will actively pursue artists, companies, and programs to support, our grants are open to the public and anyone who meets our guidelines.

Lastly, NSE is available to do joint fundraisers and events.

The qualifications and applications will be available here.