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2016 was a stellar year for Gregory.

 -December 12, 2016 --"Save The Children Award"

-                                    "Young Debators Mentor's Award"

 -Februry 27, 2016 -      "Mt. Zion Black History Award"

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Gregory started  his career in the performing arts at the age of 6 years old. He made his stage debut with a recital of..."Mary Had A Little Lamb" and has remained in the arts in some form or another ever since.

As an actor, he appeared in some films, tv shows, videos and several Off-Broadway Plays. He performed in renowned venues such as: "The Gene Frankel Theatre", "Cami Hall", "Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center", in New York City, and "Black Spectrum Theatre" in Jamaica, Queens.

As a writer, Gregory has written:

Books: "Monologues: Dramatic Monologues for Actors", "48 Poems: Reflections Of A Poet", "Showtime: Comedic Acting Scenes for Actors", and "Why I Sued Eddie Murphy."

Plays: "No Harm, No Foul" (comedy), "Bronx House" (Drama), "A Piece of My Dream" (Drama), "VagaBond Love", (Romantic Comedy), "A Kiss for Christmas" (Musical) to name a few.

Films: "The Plaintiff", (Action/Thriller), "Thaddeus McCain" (Action/Comedy), "A Piece Of My Dream" (Drama) and more.

Gregory is a marathon runner, U.S. Army Veteran Airborne Para-Trooper, enjoys golf, fishing and charitable causes. He is an educator and lectures on: "The Process of Writing", "Copyright/Intellectual Property", various aspect of the Theater and is available for bookings. More on Gregory here...

Television: "Buckwild" (A weekly comedy variety show), "Ballin" (A slick, fast-paced weekly drama where rap stars are ...."BALLIN!!!" "Traffic Jam" (A hilarious weekly comedy about the daily life of NYC Traffic Agents.

​Director: "Memories and Atmosphere", "I'm Not Really Like That", "Family Matters", "No Harm, No Foul", "A Piece of My Dream", "Vagabond Love", "Bronx House", "This Is Christmas", and more.

Producer: Gregory has produced, films, tv, concerts, plays, and music. If it is is Gregory!

He teaches acting, directing, voice, movement, and writing. He also appeared in Shakespeare's, "Twelfth Night" and "The Marriage of Figaro", and "An Evening of Shakespeare" (One man show) which he wrote, produced, and directed.

Gregory is the founder of New Style Entertainment. He has a MFA in Performing Arts Management and a BA in Theatre from Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York.

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Gregory L. Hudson